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Hi, I'm Hampton. I love Linux, networking, programming, electronics, model trains, and anything else electronic! I love sharing my projects with others!

Proxmox with ZFS RAIDZ + SSD Caching

This tutorial is sort of unfinished, but since the ZFS setup part is done, I figured I'd go ahead and post it and just add to it later. In its current state, you can get totally finished setting up a new install, but you're on your own to restore backed up VMs, create new VMs/CTs, and migrate...
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Installing Unifi on Ubuntu Server 16.04

Screenshot by ArsTechnica Intro One of the key features of Ubiquiti Networks' Unifi access points is their centralized management. While many other companies have centralized management controllers for their APs, Ubiquiti offers great features at a much lower price point than other vendors. For less than $90, you can get their Unifi AC AP Lite, which offers basic...
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Welcome to my blog!

This is just a quick test post to make sure the backend is working. <shameless-plug> Be sure to check out my GitHub and my YouTube channel for other cool stuff I'm working on! </shameless-plug>...
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Arduino Turntable Indexing System: Introduction

Many of you are probably familiar with the Atlas HO scale turntable. It's cheap, it's easy to install, and it works pretty reliably. You can add a motor drive unit and connect it to a basic switch for a simple motorized turntable. This works well if you don't need a DCC turntable, but there's no easy way to...
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