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Hi, I'm Hampton. I love Linux, networking, programming, electronics, model trains, and anything else electronic! I love sharing my projects with others!

CasparCG HTML Producer Basics

I recently started working with my school system to deploy a standardized broadcast studio at several locations. Part of any broadcast studio is a playout system (to play recorded videos, intros, outros, etc), and a character generator to create text titles/animations. Sometimes these are two separate things, sometimes they're combined, but they're almost always very expensive, and...
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Windows mSATA SSD Woes

I was installing Windows 7 on a Dell Precision laptop for my CyberPatriot team to compete with, and I threw an SSD in for extra speed. I planned to install Windows to the SSD (as the C:\ drive) and then use the mechanical hard drive just for storage. This did not work out like I wanted, as I...
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Bachmann ALCo S-2 with ESU LokSound - Quick Demo

Bachmann ALCo S-2 with ESU LokSound - Quick Demo thumbnail
I just recently finished up an installation of ESU LokSound in my new Bachmann ALCo S-2 switcher, which I got on a spectacular deal from ModelTrainStuff. I paid less than $40 each for two of these, and I plan to repaint one to mimic a local museum's S-2. Decoder I used the LokSound Select decoder, which I ordered...
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Peco Inspection Pits: Installation + Template

Peco Inspection Pits: Installation + Template thumbnail
A while back, I purchased some PECO Inspection Pits from ModelTrainStuff. I planned to paint them a more concrete color, weather them, and install them inside the small shop building I'm putting together from a PikeStuff kit. I decided to share the process with you, and I included an easy printable cutting template to make the holes for...
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ZephyrCab: Plans for Fall

ZephyrCab: Plans for Fall thumbnail
It's been a while since I posted about ZephyrCab, and for good reason. I've been busy with various other projects, like my Arduino Turntable Controller. But with the fall approaching and me having limited time for hobbies, I intend to focus more on ZephyrCab's development. Read on to see what's in store! What is ZephyrCab? For those just...
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