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Installing Volumio in Proxmox (installing a .img in Proxmox)

Proxmox is a fabulous hypervisor (or more properly, a fabulous management suite for the KVM hypervisor) but its storage model is a little strange. It works great unless you need to do something a little odd, and then it gets difficult to deal with. I wanted to install Volumio audio player as a centralized audio server in Proxmox,...
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Transparent SSL Interception Bridge with mitmproxy

Hopefully you've heard of mitmproxy, a wonderful little Python tool for intercepting, decrypting, and dissecting SSL traffic. It also makes it very easy to decrypt SSL traffic for an entire network with Wireshark/TShark (see bottom of article). Image Credit: Nick Charlton It's a fabulous tool, but the setup instructions in the documentation are less than fabulous. If...
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Calculating amperage (load) of a diesel locomotive

This is yet another ZephyrCab physics post. It's worth noting that this post's math is almost entirely theory, basically cobbled together by me for the sake of this software. So take it with a grain of salt. If you don't know, diesel locomotives have an ammeter in the cab to indicate load on the traction motors. This is...
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The best Arduino Arc Welder

You've no doubt seen the various arc welder simulation circuits available for model train layouts. They're available from companies like Circuitron, and basically consist of a circuit with screw terminals with which you power a lamp. The circuit randomly flashes the lamp to give the effect of an arc welder. It's a fairly simple thing to do, especially...
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Fix chattering Cherry MX switches in Xubuntu

Backstory I own one mechanical keyboard: a cheap ThermalTake eSports Poseidon something-or-other with blue backlighting and blue switches. For the price it's a pretty awesome keyboard, except for one fatal issue (and I might have favored the slightly-more-expensive Cooler Master keyboard had I known about this): most of the keys have a tendency to trigger twice. After extensive...
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